3 simple fabric shade ideas for your home

With the summer coming to a close, many of us are looking for a solution to reduce the heat on the patio or deck where we often conduct social gatherings with friends and family sometimes we do some paperwork in this area.

But in this intense heat it is not comfortable to stay out of the house, there are ways we can solve this by installing a shade that is fixed so that it does not move over time, you can also put a temporary shade on it if it rains you can remove it if you change the design.

What’s a good shade for you?

If you look at the internet a lot of ideas spread about what you can design in your yard from expensive to cheap materials endless selection and suggest you can create your own design when combined with these ideas.

From fabric to concrete shades for sale you can choose the one that suits your needs and wants, let us help you through this blog on the different materials and designs that will give your home a fresh look and give it a boost. protection and relaxation in your family from the intense heat caused by summer heat.

Materials and different shade options

There are different materials that you can choose, from concrete to fabric, if I were to ask, I love the fabric option as they can be removed at any time and is also cheaper but it will not sacrifice your budget and will most likely be installed alone. to adapt to other occasions.

When it comes to design and price The concrete is also very different to the fabric and I know what you’re thinking, if it’s cheap it can easily break down, it’s right and wrong, the shade sail needs proper care to last for several years also affects Tiny installations so that it can be used correctly it does not have to be difficult maintenance as soap and water are no longer subject to molds and mildew, many companies also offer warranty lasting 5 – 10 years. warranty only covers UV protection and not the fabric itself.

The durable option is concrete if you want to maintain your shade well there are disadvantages as well as poor air circulation under shade whereas shade fabric keeps the air circulating because of its breathable fabric while trapping the heat. This makes the area even cooler and energy efficient.

Type of shade fabric structures you can choose

Fabric umbrella – when it comes to affordability and the transfer of various positions, the umbrella fabric seems to have lost its appeal, from the choice of different colors to the fabric design and durability of the material you will surely make no mistake in choosing it. Easy to move positions such as patios, swimming pools or gardens.

It has a huge advantage when it comes to usability and when you buy it ready to use, there are no poles or screws installed so no need to dig in to build the structure, and when it is needed it will definitely bring back memories of the previous summer.

depending on the size of the umbrella the area can be covered so you need to measure the area first, if the umbrella is bigger in scope then it is less pleasant to look at.

The rule of thumb for an attractive setting is to buy an umbrella that is 8ft in diameter. But while it is recommended to choose the 7ft minimum, the tilted option is also good as you can move it based on the direction of the sun.

Shade sail – if you want to play with the shade sail design and your thing, it is made of hdpe fabric and is able to withstand molds and mildew so this fabric is less maintenance required, each end of the fabric has metal rings which can be attached to the fixing points of your wall, tree or strong pillar structures.

best shade sail for carport

This fabric can withstand up to 100kph of wind and filters out UV rays that can damage the skin, You can install 2-3 shades sailing if you want a unique design of your area and it is ideal if you want to have a large shade. part of your yard.

The difficulty depends on installing it so we have our own shade sail installation guide on what it takes to build this structure.

Awning – if you are looking for a permanent shade for your outdoor space area you may want to consider building the awning, the construction expert requires it as it does not need to measure the area of ​​the building material to be used as a pillar. It is also easy to remove the roofing that is applied if it is fabric.

Awnings have 2 options, you can choose whether to motorize automatic folding during rainy day and fixed awnings that require strong structure and permanent shade in your garden, patio or any outdoor area with furnishings.

There are many shade options you can install outside your home, from many choices such as fabric, canopy or concrete it is important to fit your budget and fit your area size and needs. Whichever you go for it will definitely provide protection this summer and will increase the value of your home.

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