Best Guide in buying Patio Umbrella 2022

There are many ways on how to make your patio look stylish, you may place a shade sail or perhaps you just want to spend the rest of your day under the shade of patio umbrella. during the summer it feels good to do something outside of your home but to enjoy it you need a shading solution which is not expensive but brings comfort while reading a book or a friend gathering.

There are areas on your backyard that does not have awnings or overhead roof to shield you from harsh heat of the sun, because of this it is best to put an umbrella which can place anywhere or on your outdoor table but be careful when choosing an umbrella proper shape and measurements should be the number one factor in deciding on what to choose. you may also look for umbrellas that are half meter wider than the dining surface you have if you want to place it on the table make sure you also bought a base to support the weight of your shading structure.

patio umbrella size chart

Patio umbrella Pros and Cons

  • Patio umbrella is lightweight and easy to install
  • Perfect for every occasion
  • Stylish and perfect for outdoor establishments
  • Low maintenance
  • If left outside for long periods of time the fabric may lose its color
  • Does not hold well in high strong winds
  • Low quality made umbrella poles may bend

Types of patio umbrella

Best table umbrella for patio

sunny glade umbrella

Most common type of shade umbrella is the sunnyglade umbrella it has variety of size ranging from 7.5 ft to 11 ft, perfect for sharing, this shade product has a diameter of 9 feet which is good for guests and gatherings it is wide enough to cover 122 cm round table.

Too much sun exposure is harmful to every person’s skin that is why the product has a thick fabric with air vent which ensures that the air and heat is well maintained. Since the sun is moving across the sky it is best to have a shading solution that is also adjustable this table umbrella can do that with its tilt and crank mechanism perfect for shading that blocks the harmful UV rays.

Reviewers said that the product is lightweight and don’t need a muscle to setup and quiet sturdy, with different color and sizes it you can you can choose what fits perfectly on your pool, table or patio.

Best offset umbrella

cantilever umbrella

These types of umbrella specifically from Purple Leaf is different from others because while the table umbrella has a center poles which you may fit on the center of the table this offset or cantilever umbrellas poles are on the side and an arm that the fabric hangs of off which offers more mobility to cover more space.

Rusting is not a problem with this product because its poles are powder covered aluminum plus a UV, Water and fade resistant polyester cover for years of liveliness. although the poles are heavy it will only take you 15 minutes to put it together color selection is also broad from darker to brighter spectrum.

although the base is not included on the package which you can purchase separately reviewers were amaze by how huge this offset umbrella is and with the addition of solar lights it creates a perfect atmosphere at night

what to look for in an umbrella

Tables in outdoor terrace from a hotel restaurant in Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Find a fabric that will not fade quickly

Ordinary patio umbrellas which is made from typical fabric are not water proof so they are not advisable to use in heavy rain. like the skeleton of your shade canopy, your fabric cloth needs to be strong enough to stand in an unpredictable harsh climate. That means any umbrella fabric that is exposed to holes, mold or fading is out of question.

Choose a frame that is sturdy and can withstand string winds

Umbrellas for patio are made to survive in all types of climate needless to say you should always need to fold your umbrella when the wind is too strong, sometimes you might let it slip. or perhaps it is precipitating heavily and you don’t feel like going outdoor we are all guilty of it. if you are residing in a windy neighborhood or you have failed t remember to fold you umbrella you might consider getting a sturdy frame.

Find the right design for your outdoor space area

Launching a gathering with friends outside of your home or playing in the sand with your pets no matter what your interest is there is an umbrella that may suit your taste. you may exploit the sunny weather and obtain a solar umbrella good thing about these variants of patio umbrella is that it harness the power of sun during daytime and light up your home during the night you dont have to worry about cords and lighting materials if your shade canopy doesn’t have one there are choices on the market for patio umbrella with pre-installed solar lighting

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