Choosing the best shade sail for carports 2022

The History of Jacobs Carports

best shade sail for jacobs carports, As early as 1909, carports found a unique role as protectors of automobiles. Carports were used by the Prairie School architect Walter Burley Griffin in his design for the Sloan House in Elmhurst, Illinois. By 1913, carports were also being employed by other Prairie School architects such as the Minneapolis firm of Purcell, Feick & Elmslie in their design for a residence at Lockwood Lake, Wisconsin. “Carports” went by another name in their earlier days often referred to as “Auto Spaces”.

The term carport was coined by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, when he began using the carport for the first of his “Usonian” homes; The house of Herbert Jacobs, built in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1936. In describing the carport, he said to Mr. Jacobs, “A car is not a horse, and it doesn’t need a barn.” He then added,

Cars are built well enough now so that they do not require elaborate shelter.”

Looking back at life in 1936, it is easy to imagine automobiles prior to this time were not completely water tight; the era of robotic-assembly, advanced materials, and perfect closure lines were still 50 years in the future. The carport was, therefore, a cheap and effective device for the protection of a car. Mr. Jacobs added, “Our cheap secondhand car had stood out all winter at the curb, often in weather far below zero. A carport was a downright luxury for it.”

Shade sail for carports

For many homeowners adding a garage isn’t always affordable or practical. But to those who park outside in all types of weather, a garage may seem like a luxury worth the headache and huge price tag. But before you make a decision to have a garage installed, consider the advantages of the very versatile carport.

A carport has many benefits over a garage. Carports are Affordable The first and foremost advantage of choosing a carport is affordability. If you’re trying to save money or take a loan out that you can actually afford, consider the unique and economical alternative to a garage ‑ the carport! A carport will protect your motorized vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a garage.

Carports Provide Protection Your car, RV, or boat could easily be the second or third largest investment you make so it makes sense that you would want to protect that investment. Motorized vehicles left out too long in seasonal weather conditions will eventually show signs wear and tear. You can easily maintain the condition of your car, RV, or boat with the protection of a carport.

Your Carport Will:

  1. Shield the finish and interior of your vehicle from UV and heat damage, it is important to apply a coating. The biggest benefit of this is that the interior will stay cooler and your car will need less repairs in the future.
  2. Guard your vehicle’s outermost paint layers from destructive oxidation
  3. Protect your vehicle from hail damage
  4. Keep you vehicle cleaner longer
  5. Keep interior cool in the heat of summer
  6. Almost eliminate the need for scraping ice from windows
  7. Carport Placement Freedom
  8. Behind, on the side, or in front of your home ‑ you have the freedom to decide where your new carport will be built.

Custom Built Carports

If you’re housing a boat or motorcycle, you can have the carport built to the necessary specifications. Whatever the shape or design, we can help you protect your vehicle investment with a carport designed especially for your needs.

Carport Versatility

Carport by day, patio by night! custom built carports are beautiful shade structures that can easily be transformed into patio areas for picnics, gatherings, or retreats. You may decorate your carport to enhance its appearance with ivy, flowers, hanging plants, wind chimes, and more. Carports are so versatile you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Low to No Maintenance

Carports save you money and time, especially our carports. can professionally install a strong and durable Alumawood carport. Not only do these structures withstand the intensity of extreme weather, they won’t burn, attract termites, crack, peel, warp, or rot! Built to provide years of long‑lasting beauty, your carport will continue to be an attractive money saver.

Add Value to Your Home

Your carport is beautiful, long‑lasting, virtually maintenance free, and built to protect your investments for a lifetime. Custom‑fit to complement your home’s architecture, this shade structure will appreciate your home’s value because of its ability to protect additional cars, RVs, and more. When it comes time to sell your home, you’ll be glad you enhanced your home’s exterior with a versatile carport.

Best Carport sun shades

Best carport sun shade Extreme rectangle

Having a properly installed shade sail in your carport is important not only for the cool look it brings but also for your car. We recommend an Extreme Rectangle Shade Sail for this job. It does not only bring that artsy look but also protects your car from extreme sun heat. You don’t want that harmful sun ray damaging your engine and ruining your precious love one don’t you? Well it’s high time you bring that boring old carport to life with this shade sail.

direct shadecarport shade single fabric with accessories16 x 20
petrasrectangle woven fabric without accessories16 x 20
patio paradisetriangle woven fabric without accessories16 x 16 x 16
windscreen4lesstriangle shade fabric commercial grade without accessories20 x 20 x 20

It’s perfect for your prestigious black car for it comes in Charcoal. It will definitely turn some heads if someone just happens to cross your house and will definitely encourage your friends to buy one too. Just imagine that very elegant all black look that you can enjoy just by looking. Now that’s something anyone’s willing to pay for.

This particular shade sail offers pure UV protection and is designed for extreme sunlight as the name suggests. It is sure to keep your engine cool and prevent deterioration. It gives an astounding cover factor of up to 90%. The warranty is definitely a good feature for this product. Now who can even be scared to buy a product that has an assurance of that long.

Why buy Sun shade sail for you carport?

The technology used in making this project makes the product UV-stabilized for better protection. The very fabric itself has an actual 10 year warranty from UV degradation. In short, subject it to extreme heat all year long and this baby will not go down. The product also includes a quality marine grade 316 stainless steel Delta rings on each corner that will definitely let the shade hold for years.

These specs alone are enough reason to try it and have your satisfaction reach its peak after installing. It’s also very easy to install even for someone who lives alone. You will need no help from anyone because it’s designed to be easily installed by anyone. The high quality fabric is also designed to resist any form of mold or mildew that will surely outrank any ordinary kind of shades. You will never have to worry for wondering if you’ve wasted your money because the fabric will also never shrink from extreme heat which normal fabrics do.

This product is actually even designed specifically for the harsh weather that is nowhere near the weather you normally have to face. Your car can rest easy with the extreme rectangle shade sail covering it. If you happen to choose the Dessert sand color because it suits better with your car, you will also have to clean this from time to time. You can easily clean this by using a solution of water and a mild detergent. Wash the product carefully with a very soft brush or sponge. You can just rinse it with water after washing thoroughly with a hose. Never put your fabric shade sail in a washing machine. Refrain from using abrasive cleaner or stiff brushes to maintain the quality of the fabric.

installed shade sail for carport
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