How to protect your plants using shade cloth

plants need the sun to grow and make its own food, but too much of it can make your plants dry and sometime die due to intense heat, while some vegetables and fruits can survive in a very hot weather such as tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons and strawberries others like herbs, flowering plants and orchids are very sensitive to heat.

like plants we don’t like the uncomfortable heat the sun gives specially when we do our chores in the garden and by installing a garden shade it would be beneficial to the plants animals and gardeners the protection it gives

The sun is the key to the plant’s survival but not all plants have the same tolerance in heat that is why it is very important to get the right shade cloth for your garden, almost every garden shade provides different protection percentages ranging from 30 – 75% this will ensure that your plants can get the most out of your outdoor sunlight without getting damaged and thrive for months to come.

another protection it provides is that if you cover your garden with shade fabric it will protect them from insects and other creature that want to eat those precious perennials.

What shade cloth percentage is ideal cloth for vegetable garden?

We have all heard of the term “too much of a good thing.” In regards to gardens, sun is a great thing–a important thing!

Actually, research has shown that using color cloth–particularly during the hottest days of the year–may raise photosynthesis, enhance crop yields, and increase the period of the growing year.

It seems counterintuitive. The amount of sunlight also affects optimal photosynthesis.

Thus, higher temperatures and too much sunlight will actually decrease plant creation.

Long story short: Color fabric throughout the hottest, sunniest times of year can increase plant production.

Each elementary-aged kid knows that sunlight is among a plant’s most basic needs. Plants capture energy from sunlight and turn it in to sugars from the process of photosynthesis. These sugars maintain the plants and let them grow. The nourishment we get from crops is really solar energy, combined with key nutrients, that they’ve made accessible for all of us.

selecting the proper shade density simply benefits most plants because the higher the percentage the most sunlight it blocks for example a 50% shade cloth block 50% of sunlight while a 10% sun shade fabric blocks 10% of sunlight

although these percentages and densities are kinda technical other factors to be consider are the color and durability of the fabric, learning about the percentages is a good start in selecting a good shade for your garden.

Shade cloth power  Recommended for
15 – 35% for more heat tolerant plants such as
tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon,
strawberries and peppers.
40-50%for flowering plants. Most fruits and
vegetables are good in this range.
60% for plants that are more sensitive to sunlight, like lettuce,greens, and spinach. Some herbs do well here, too, like dill, parsley and cilantro.
75 – 80% plants, like ferns & orchids. also useful to provide shade for people or animals.
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